Secret mountain hut style souvenir shop

unique style store "The WOLF" in Otaru

It's a shop like a hunter's hideout

Imagine a hunter's house standing quietly in the mountains

A secret mountain hut suddenly appeared in Otaru.

The interior wall is made of bricks and has the atmosphere of a mountain hut.

This shop sells ornaments and sundries with the theme of a Japanese hunter called Matagi.

For example, cold protective gear made of fur or leather.

“THE WOLF” is a wide range of fur and leather products, from handsome huntsman hats to noble lapels worn by women.

There are also cool accessories that use fangs, nails and horns of animals in Hokkaido.


Based on the theme of processing hunters' fur, we purchase fine fur products and accessories from a fur factory in Hokkaido.

Let's discover furs

Casual hat  “ flight cap ”

A long-selling product popular among men.

Recently, it has been attracting attention from boyish girls who are interested in fashion.

Only “ THE WOLF ” sells it

There is a setting of "a bag made of fur collected by hunters". 

Each bag has a different design and texture, and they are all attractive.

Feel the quality

High-quality fur products crafted by craftsmen that rival department stores.

When you touch a fur, you will be impressed by its skill.



4-1, Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido, 047-0027, Japan


We are looking forward to your visit

It has a store along Sakaimachi-dori and is a 5 minute walk to the Marchen Crossing.